Frequently Asked Questions

A Loss Adjuster is an insurance claims facilitator and negotiator who is independent of any Insurance Company or Brokerage.

He/ She is paid on an hourly basis and is not paid a percentage of a claim nor the perceived savings made.

A Loss Adjuster acts as an independent adjudicator in the settlement of claims, providing His / Her principals with relevant information in order that a settlement may be reached.

He / She has reached a qualification level acceptable to The Institute of Loss Adjusters of Southern Africa (ILASA)

A Loss Adjuster is an individual who agrees to abide by a strict code of conduct laid down by ILASA and, in the event of a complaint being lodged against him / her, agrees to be disciplined in accordance with the stringent procedures laid down in the Institute’s constitution and by-laws.

A Loss Adjuster is a responsible individual who, as a highly qualified and experienced individual, had been able to secure the required professional indemnity insurance to the value of at least R500 000.00

In view of the great degree of responsibility attached to the Loss Adjusters work, only the highest standards of professional skill and ethics are regarded as good enough for the profession.

The relationship between a Loss Adjuster and his/her Principal(s) is one of trust and confidence calling for the highest degree of good faith in all transactions.

A Loss Adjuster must at all times, preserve independence and integrity and shall act so as to promote public confidence in the profession through conscientious and fair dealing.

A Loss Adjuster shall not attempt to gain any advantage in the conduct of his profession other than through his/her professional ability.

A Loss Adjuster is responsible for preparing claims reports acceptable to Insurers,      

Co-Insurers, Re-Insurers and Underwriters to international standards and requirements.

A Loss Adjuster has gained thought his training and experience the necessary expertise to determine matters of indemnity, liability, values at risk and technical details.

Accordingly, the services the Loss Adjuster offer are cost effective and of a high standard.

By being exposed to a wide range of insurance claims issues, a Loss Adjuster is suitable equipped to control the claims process in an efficient, non-partisan and independent manner giving due and fair consideration to all parties involved.

A Loss Adjuster is eminently suited to negotiate settlement of claims on behalf of his/her principals in view of His/her experience and independence, thus enhancing the overall image of the Insurance Industry

A Loss Adjuster is part of a nation and worldwide network where the free flow of information amongst members is fundamental to the minimisation and elimination of insurance fraud.

This Handout is Published by The Institute of Loss Adjusters of Southern Africa in the interest of providing a better understanding of the institute.

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