• A Loss Adjuster must at all times render his services honestly, fairly, with due skill, care and diligence, and he must maintain the highest degree of integrity in the interests of his clients, principals and their clients, and without breaching the relationship of trust with his client.

  • A Loss Adjuster must always disclose to all persons with whom he comes into contact the identity of his principal, his interest in the matter concerned and the service he is rendering; as well as any circumstances which may give rise to an actual or potential conflict of interest and must take all reasonable steps to ensure fair treatment of such person.

  • A Loss Adjuster must treat all persons he comes in contact with in the exercise of his professional duties with respect at all times and must not harass, intimidate, threaten or display other inappropriate behaviour to such persons.

  • When providing his services, a Loss Adjuster must endevour to ensure that representations made and information provided is: AS PRESCRIBED BY THE SOUTH AFRICAN CONSTITUTION



  • strive to constantly improve their own adjusting expertise, knowledge and competence and that of others in the industries that they serves;
  • exercise independent and professional judgement in all dealings with policyholders;
  • avoid conflicts of interest arising between themselves and their principals and/or their policyholders in the performance of all duties. Where conflicts may arise or may be perceived to arise which could impact on the members ability to render an unbiased and objective service, members will disclose such conflicts or perceived conflicts to all relevant stakeholders;
  • if requested, fully disclose to insurers the manner in which they are remunerated and will not accept any form of remuneration or benefit which might create a conflict of interest;
    not misrepresent the terms and conditions of appointment; nor misrepresent their capabilities or the capabilities of their staff, their credentials, qualifications and experience regarding the industry or nature of the service to be provided;
  • observe the confidentiality of all information they obtain by way of the services they render to policyholders and principals, unless a legal obligation to disclose such information appropriately exists or should arise. Information obtained as a result of an appointment shall not be used for personal or company gain other than that fully disclosed to and agreed upon by principals and/or their policyholders;
  • avoid making malicious statements that have the potential to damage the reputation of the Institute, fellow adjuster, competitor or any practitioner in the insurance industry generally.